Trail Information

Established the Spring of 2002, Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park has trails designed, built and maintained for dirt bike, sport quad, 4X4 quad and Side X Side riders.

The park consists of over 1,700 acres with over 100 miles of trails for dirt bikes nestled in the beautiful Brushy Mountains of North Carolina.

Trails range from intermediate to expert with elevations ranging from 1300-2500° above sea level.  All trails are heavily wooded and offer challenges for all levels of rider expertise.  There’s also a youth trail.  (Before coming to the park with children, we do ask that you read over all the legal information on our Rules & Regulations page concerning children and riding.)

Please refer to the Rules & Regulations page for detailed rules for all trail riding.

BMMS Park reserves the right to schedule up to (5) trail riding events (races) throughout the year.  The Park also reserves the right to close the trail riding to members during these events.



The top map is a directional map to Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park. Feel free to click on it and print out the image to help guide you to the park. Please see our detailed directions page as well.

The bottom map is an overall map of the park area showing its trails. This may be of use while enjoying your day at the park.

Park Signs That All Riders Should Know!

Below are the signs that are posted throughout the trails at the Park.

All Riders Should be familiar with these signs before riding.


Office Sign

These signs show the rider the quickest and shortest routes back to the office and parking lots.


Enter Here Sign

These signs indicate where to enter a trail and the direction of travel. All riders should be on the defensive due to the chance that another rider may be coming around the corner.


Do Not Enter Sign

These signs are placed at the ends of all trails to indicate to riders not to enter the trail at these points. These signs also show trail traffic direction – riders will be exiting the trails toward you from behind these signs.


Danger Sign

These signs indicate areas where special care should be used. Due to the different skill levels of individual riders, these signs warn of possible areas of danger.


Trail Intersection Sign

These signs indicate that one or more trails are merging or crossing ahead.


Directional Arrow Signs

Arrows point the direction the trail takes. Multiple arrows pointing left or right indicate a sharp curve ahead.  Riders will continuously see arrows pointing the direction the trail travels, failure to see arrows continuously pointing the direction indicates you are going the wrong way.