Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park caters to the family atmosphere.  The park is dedicated to promoting the off-road riding experience as a legitimate sport and family activity. Memberships are for 13 months from the day you join.

Annual Individual Membership Dues


Annual Family Membership Dues

Two Parents and two Kids under 21 years of age or One parent and three kids under 21 years of age.  For each additional child between the ages of 8 and 20, add $50.00.   Children under the age of 8 years old ride for free.


Annual Individual Side by Side Rider Membership Dues


Annual Family Side by Side Membership Dues

Up to four persons age 16 or older with a limit of two side by side vehicles per family membership.


Members at Brushy Mountain Park do not have to pay any daily riding fees. Annual membership fee covers all riding expenses!

Birth certificate and both BIRTH PARENT’S signatures are REQUIRED for all minor children.  Please see our RULES & REGULATIONS page for details on the park’s policies on minor children as well as a Release Form for minor children.

Checks accepted for Memberships ONLY.

Please allow (4) weeks for membership approval if paid by check.


1 Day Riding Pass – $25.00 per rider 16 years and up. Children ages 8-15 ride for $15.00. One child rider under the age of 8-years-old may ride for FREE with each paying adult rider.

2 Day Riding Pass – $40 per rider
Days must be consecutive and pass paid for in full on the first day.

3 Day Ride Pass – $60.00 per rider
Days of riding are not required to be consecutive. The 3 Day Ride Pass is valid for 365 days from the date of purchase. You save $5.00 per ride or 25 percent of the normal riding fees. So if you know you will be riding, but you know it all won’t be in one weekend, spend the $60.00 now and enjoy the riding and the savings for the next 365 days.

SIDE X SIDE PRICING: The price to ride a Side x Side is $30.00 per day with or without a passenger. To ride a 4 person Side x Side the price is $30.00 per day plus $5.00 more per person excluding the 1st passenger. This would be $40.00 per day with a full 4 persons in the Side x Side.

Park members do not have to pay any daily riding fees. Yearly membership fee covers all riding expenses!